Monday, March 30, 2009

Mademoiselle La La Est La Victorian Of The Month

Ooh la la! It’s Mademoiselle La la! (Her real name is thought to be Olga Kaira.)

Born in 1858 in the part of Germany that is now Poland, Victorian wirewalker and trapeze artist Mademoiselle La la swung from the ceilings of circus tents and music halls across Europe with the troupe “Follies Bergère.”

Although she was small, Mademoiselle La la possessed incredible strength. She could hold a boy, a woman and a man with her jaw while she was hanging upside down. She held a canon between her teeth while it was being fired, too.


  1. hello,

    Olga's real name was Olga Brown, born in Stettin, Germany, today Poland.

    She eventually settled in Belgium and got married with the Director of the Circus she was performing in Heligoland.

    1. French genealogist, do you know anything more about her parents?