Monday, March 30, 2009

Fairy Fay May Be The Victorian Of The Month

—Possible last words of Fairy Fay, Possible Jack the Ripper Victim

One Victorian. One short cut home.
Who is “Fairy Fay”? Nobody knows for sure.

On Boxing Day night, 1887, whilst coming home from the Mitre Square pub, a woman was murdered. Was she Fairy Fay?

Who was the murder weapon? Was it a stake? There were similar attacks in 1888.

There are no records. No newspaper reports. "Martin Fido believes her death was derived from a combination of Emma Smith and Rose Mylett," one source says. "Paul Begg, however, disagrees."

Ladies with similar names (Sarah Fayer…Alice Farber…Emma Fairy) were all found to have died in Decembers of '86 or '87. None of them were meant to have been murdered, they say.

Inspector Reid headed the enquiry into her death.
Frustration forced him to close the case.

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