Monday, March 30, 2009

Georgina Weldon Is The Victorian Of The Month

Hi! I'm Georgina (1837 - 1914). How have the last few decades treated you?

I've been up to a few interesting things:

My family forbade me to see a military man, so I married him. I left when he tried to put me in the looney bin. But not without making a statement using sandwich boards and suing people first (go Married Women's Property Act, yeah!). Then, I wrote a book called How I Escaped the Mad Doctors. I make public appearances in my prison stripes.

I started an orphanage in Charles Dickens' old home. Every morning, I require all the children to yell.

I sang.

I began an affair with a married French composer. He went away after I wrapped him in furs and rubber sheets, throwing buckets of cold water in his face.

When I turned 50, I was the face of Pears Soap, with the slogan, "I have the complexion of a girl of 17."

But mostly, I've been representing myself in court (over 200 cases). You see, it is my dream to constrain the limits of medical science and patriarchal authority.
And to fight for the rights of lunatics or married women or both.

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